Excelite · Backpack Safety Lamp



Exelite required us to design their new safety lamp. This lamp can be worn on a cyclists back, or easily attached to a cyclists backpack. It has a rechargeable battery. Exelite's electro-luminescence (EL) technology and innovative design has its origins in the space industry over fifty years ago.

Exelites' technology is viewed as a glowing, semi-fluro strip. It provides more illumination than a reflector strip and does not require direct illumination from a light source to emit light. This provides significant improvements in visibility for the safety garment.

We worked on further designs for simple safety products utilizing the Exelite lamp. These included sash and vest applications. Our work here really aimed to simplify the designs of these products down to bare essentials. We considered how sewn details were to be resolved, as well as what the product would be like to use.

BEST DESIGN AWARD Excelite Backpack