Nuevo Technology · YardJet



Nuevo Technology’s YARDjet system works integrates with a FLOW Ultra High-Pressure pump generating 45,000psi. This project was focused on cleaning cow dung from concrete pads in milking shed yards.

From project inception we sought to utilize existing technology and take through to a working pilot production unit. The prototype unit was used to show the benefits of the technology to the marketplace. By moving to real production this work clearly unveiled what is needed in terms of function, scale, and cost as well as product effectiveness. Normal production materials and processes were used in approximately 80% of the product. Where new elements required ongoing testing and were likely to change, we opted for prototype techniques.

New elements developed for this project included a Wash-Head and Transport Beam mounted on a custom trailer for testing and evaluation on site at dairy farms.

  1. The Transport Beam is a covered, modular unit that provides support for an electric motor, alloy track, drive system, and mobile carriage.
  2. The Wash Head itself consists of two sections:
    1. Floating Nose: grades the main biomass of cow dung into position.
    2. Wash Zone: This section involves an area open on two sides in the direction of travel. Spraying into this area and cleaning the yard floor, is a manifold inserted with jet nozzles. The wash head moves back and forth along the beam to clean the yard.

Results of the machine in action demonstrated two significant indicators as to the potential of this machine:

  1. Cleaning can be automated, thus saving considerable labour and time.
  2. The machine uses a tiny volume of water compared to traditional wash-down with a hose.